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What is duelling pianos

The Duelling Pianos concept revolves around the guests requests and the performers ability to play any song, whilst entertaining the crowd and creating a fun, engaging, party atmosphere. The Piano Show concept came from the USA a very long time ago and has developed rapidly the past few years with the use of additional keyboards to produce authentic bass sounds as well as synth sounds like we hear in many of today's popular songs

what makes us different 

The Royal Piano Show is a Duelling Pianoshow specialising in high-energy music for festivals, weddings, corporate events and private functions

The Royals take it further than the traditonal USA concept by incorporating keyboards with the latest sounds, a drummer and an instrumentalist to create a whole band sound but with the freedom to play requests during the show

Our single show plays 3x 45 minutes and with the duelling show and duelling show XL you get 3 hours of live music !

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who is playing

- Single Piano show: 1 Pianist and Drummer 

- Duelling piano show: 2 Pianists and Drummer

- Duelling piano show XL : 2 Pianists, Drummer and      Saxophonist or Guitarist

* Professional BOSE sound and lighting are included + and a ready made playlist for in the breaks 

Why choose us?

Requests are welcome and encouraged. Every show includes request cards and pens for the audience to write down their suggestion. 

The music is completely live, with no backing tracks or tricks, you will be amazed at what the The Royals are capable of performing